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Loving Memories Of A Special Daughter

To lose someone so special is really hard to bear it hardly seems believable that you're no longer there. You left us far too early before your time, it seems and now you'll never have the chance to fulfil all those dreams. However hard it is though we'll take comfort in the thought of all the memories we have and the happiness you brought. You always lived life to the full but ours won't be the same until the day when we can see your smiling face again. xxxx

The Love of a Child Lost

To look upon her beautiful face on the day she was born, was a day of great joy. Little did we know our precious daughter was not to stay with us for very long. Alicia was sent to us for a short time so that we could enjoy all of the love that she was able to give. In the short time that she was here, she loved her family wholeheartedly with her precious heart.

A mothers love for her child never ends, it grows and grows and never stops, even after death. A fathers love for his child is like a bright shiny star, shines as bright as the love he has for his child that will never diminish.

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