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"Alicia was and always will be our very own Angel of the North. Despite her battle Alicia had the strength and courage to give us hope and believe in her."

Mandip Gill, Actor, Hollyoaks Phoebe McQueen.

"Alicia coped with her illness by adopting a positive optomistic approach."

Dr Mary Comiskey, Consultant Palliative Care.

"I drew great inspiration from how Alicia carried herself throughout her illness."

Dr Patrick Ojechi, General Practitioner.

"She was a bright shining star!"

Dr Katherine Baker, Principal Lecturer in Allied Health, Northumbira University.

"Alicia had such a pleasant disposition and engaging personality."

Mrs M Michie, 6th Form School Teacher.

"Alicia was a beautiful person inside and out!"

Penny Daley, Ward Sister, Teenage and Young Adult Unit NCCC.

"Alicia lived every moment to the fullest!"

Gillian, Ward Sister, Ward 34 Freeman Hospital.

"I remember Alicia with great fondess; her smile was a delight to see and the great joy was that Alicia was always smiling."

Linda Clark, Headteacher, La Sagesse School.

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget."

Jennie Watson, Samantha Stearman, Sophie Russell. Best Friends since school.

"Friendship isn't a big thing; it's a million little things."

Polly Moane, Alison Elliott, Stewart McCarter. Best Friends since university.

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